I was intrigued by an article in one of tabloids last week ‘Revealed – the 10 simple things that make us happiest.’

Another one of those surveys where you wonder who exactly did they ask to get such bizarre and frankly depressing answers, as out of 10 items over 80% of all answers involved money for example….

Discovering money you didn’t know you had; finding £10 winning lotto ticket; getting a refund or rebate; finding money in self service checkout; saving money on household bills and so on.

I am one of those eternally positive people that believe life is counted in experiences, love and the little things NOT money so this challenged me to think of 10 simple pleasures, with no mention of money I get immense joy from.   I challenge you to do the same.  Here are mine to get you thinking…

1. Getting into a bed with freshly laundered sheets. The smell and the feel – Bliss!


2. Hanging out washing on a sunny day.


3. Sipping a flat white whilst doing the Times crossword with my man


4. A roaring, real fire on a chilly day.


5. Starting a new book, cracking that spine – arrrgh!


6. Rediscovering the music of my youth and having a bop in secret!


7. Fresh flowers in my office


8. Making fresh soup, something so therapeutic about this!


9. A naughty catnap on a Saturday afternoon due to point 4!


10. Taking 5 minutes at the end of my day to write in my gratitude journal

To live in a permanent state of gratitude and abundance is the way to go people!  Enjoy!

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