Jane with Gina and Jasmine at the NetworkShe Awards this year where Girls Out Loud won top Social enterprise

Jane with Gina and Jasmine at the NetworkShe Awards this year where Girls Out Loud won top Social enterprise

This month I am bursting with pride as I celebrate the graduation of two girls who I worked with on the very first Girls Out Loud intervention programme in Blackpool in 2009. Without doubt they are superstars, having turned their lives around and changed their story beyond anything ever planned or expected of them and they are living proof that anything is possible with the right inputs, investment in personal development and a role model or two to inspire them.

In the early days of our relationship I asked them both to share their story and what was expected of them and their typical teenage response was ‘Not much, dunno really, suppose stay around here, get a job, have kids and stay out of trouble.’

Today they are well adjusted, street smart, ambitious, emotionally intelligent, university educated young women. Their future is bright. They are both living with loving partners, away from their home town, with aspiration, confidence and a sense of purpose.
They continue to teach me the value of mentoring, the purpose of intervention and how we all really need to be seen, heard and know that what we say matters.

Gina saysWorking with Jane as my mentor gave me the ability to change my attitude at a young age to believe I can do anything I put my mind to. She is brilliant and still guides me without me even knowing!’

Too often we allow ourselves to be trapped by our story, our past or our limiting beliefs but we all have the choice to change anything at anytime, it just takes courage to acknowledge this and gumption to step up and do something about it. The process I took these girls through is the basis of my best selling weekend workshop Stepping Up so if you are fed up of going through the motions and ready to find out what you need to change to shine, harness your courage and get booked on to the next one today 5/6 July in Chester .

If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you. It’s simply a question of how!
Step up and shine – it is why we are here.

Jasmine says ‘Jane has given me the tools to live my life for myself. To do what makes me happy; to always follow my passion and to see the positive over the negative. I would not be the young artist I am today without her amazing mentoring over the past 5 years.’


  1. thetomhayes

    Jane, Again you astound me with the practical results you achieve from a no-nonsense approach of basic self-help and personal discipline regimen. Kudos! Think of what the lives of these two women would have been w/o your involvement and care!

  2. janekenyon

    thanks Tom – appreciate your kind words!

  3. Karen

    Great stories Jane – a tribute to you, Gina and Jasmine x


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