Quote box release your inner diva no 63

So as we head into Autumn how is 2013 shaping up for ya?  Best ever? Pretty underwhelming? More of the same or critical moments around every corner!

In all my years in business this summer has been one of the slowest, sluggish periods of activity ever and I am kind wondering what is going on?  Is there anyone home?  Is it just me or has the country fallen into a coma?

I for one am ready to rock and roll so how do you stand tall, shift your mindset and decide to take control of your outlook, performance and results even when those around you are dragging their feet and constantly whining about life?

Well it’s pretty simple really – you just decide you are going to do it, then invest in you to make sure you have all you need to step up and rock.  Easy eh?

The main challenges come when all the practical things you do to help you stay positive like, mantras, vision boards, reading self help books, subscribing to uplifting blogs, visualisation, meditation, keeping a gratitude journal etc fail to sustain any permanent shift in your energy and resilience and after few days/weeks of positivity you slip back into your familiar, comfort zone or rut.  This is because all our beliefs are stored in our sub conscious mind so even though on an intellectual level we know  we are capable of growing our business, creating  wealth, getting promotion, finding Mr Right, saying no to more unpaid work,  in our mind our story of can’t, shouldn’t,  couldn’t  stays the same.

In essence doing all the practical stuff without working on your mindset is like SHIFTING DECK CHAIRS ON THE TITANTIC!

If I offered you the opportunity to take a personal stock take of your life today; to  get off the roller coaster for a weekend and spend 48 hours focussed just on you;  time to think about how you have set your life up, what is working what is not; time to find out what your values are, your emotional hot buttons and establish if they are present enough in your life; Time to explore your passion and purpose;  time to identify what is limiting you and zap the negativity once and for all; time to decide what you want more of and less of and time to remodel a new plan .

Would you do it?  Or would you procrastinate at the thought of spending time and money on yourself?

The old adage if you do what you what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got is true and furthermore the life you have today is a result of what you have been doing for the past x years.

Need some inspiration?  Ready to step up and change the record?

Come and spend an evening with me THIS WEEK  at the Network She event at St Davids Park, North Wales on 3 October.  I will be sharing some of my lessons from a life well lived and I know many of you will resonate with my story.  I will pack in as much value as I can during the evening and Network She will be announcing an exciting partnership with me to deliver some inspirational and motivational workshops  to ensure you have all you need to shine in 2013/14.  I promise you will leave with some clarity on your next step, an ‘I can’ attitude, and some serious food for thought.  Click here to book

And for the Divas amongst you the Stepping Up Workshop is back!

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