Do we really understand what it means to be authentic? We band this word around rather a lot but are we really subscribing to it? If being authentic is being real I have been vilified for this behaviour many times in my life. So what does it mean?…..
To be truly authentic is to live our own truth, embrace our vulnerability, dump our external people pleaser mentality and stand up for who we are and what we believe. But how often do we sabotage this to be liked? To be nice? To be fair? To conform?
And moreover, we are not exactly big fans of women who display authenticity unless it is our version of authenticity. If their behaviour does not align to our beliefs and values we are quick to criticise or distance ourselves from them. The way the nation responded to the passing of Maggie Thatcher was a case in point. And another recent display was the personal attack on Sheryl Sandberg on the release of her book Lean In.
Real is what’s real for you, it is personal and certainly not universal. However, I know for most people the road to authenticity is a life’s work. It certainly is for me. Many times I have readjusted my voice and power to make others feel more comfortable and then ended up feeling fake and stressed. The journey to self love and acceptance is littered with lessons and revelations!! But what I know for sure is that every time I sidestep my authenticity I feel the burn!
Confidence to be you, regardless of your environment is true empowerment and the only way to live an authentic life. Constantly comparing your life, your skillset, your values and your achievements to others is fruitless and leads to life envy – the most negative energy on the planet!!
Realigning your behaviour to meet other people’s expectations is exhausting and NOT sustainable. So step up and be proud to be you in your full Technicolor glory. I feel the Girls Out Loud mantra is a good way to end here….
Be bold, be brave, be beautiful but most importantly be you. Because you, are already enough and absolutely perfect just the way you are.

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  1. Love this Jane. It is indeed a life’s work I think but the more I shift that way the more comfortable I am in my own skin and the more I shed those who get in the way of that progress 🙂


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