Be Present in the Present

Be Present in the Present


I was having a conversation with my hubby the other day about our favourite seasons and he was poetic in his praise of New England in the fall, my response was to equal his enthusiasm for many parts of this country at this time of year too, but he was adamant the colours were more vibrant somewhere else.  This got me thinking – why do we always think somewhere else is better?  Better still, when you step back from your conversations and listen to your language not only do we want to be somewhere else, many of us would also prefer to live in another time!

Our dialogue is littered with references to another time and place – how it used to be, how we used to look, feel, react – how different/easy/more exciting life was followed by what’s next, next holiday, next job, next project, child outfit, night out etc?

Sometimes we simply need to breath and be grateful for where we are and who we are now.

The present constantly gets marginalised or disregarded all together as we focus on the past or the future.

Remember, the now is a gift, hence why we call it the present.  Life would be more enriched if we could just learn to respect it, enjoy it, give gratitude for it and LIVE IN IT!   It does not come around again.


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  1. Helen

    So true!! I am guilty of doing this all the time and forever think life will better when ….. Yes need to learn to live for now!!


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