40% increase in rickets amongst children; 1:4 children growing up in poverty; Mums starving so kids can eat; house evictions on the increase; literacy & numeracy levels plummeting; 4 million people living in fuel poverty; rise in sex and slave trafficking and a corrupt political system.

You could be forgiven for assuming I am referring to a third world country here, but unfortunately and shamefully this is today’s Britain!

Not surprisingly I get more and more angry and disillusioned by the propaganda attacks on the poor and a Government hell bent on taxing the working classes to the hilt, whilst ignoring the multi billion pound tax gap at the top and positively encouraging tax breaks for the super rich.

As an example of this misdirection of resources I have recently been threatened by one of a growing breed of underhand, loutish debt collectors chasing me for a £63 VAT underpayment from 2005 for a business I no longer own.  I was bemused by this and after a conversation with my local tax office, who incidentally, could not explain the error either, I was advised to pay it anyway to avoid any further action.  This ‘further action’ I have since become aware of includes daily harassment calls, threatening letters and now bailiffs.  All for a so called debt no one can explain and get this, the add on charges from said debt collecting shysters has now reached 3 times more than the original, unconfirmed arrears!!!

If this is not an example of a system set up to shaft the working class whilst promising immunity to the people at the very top I don’t know what is.

Branson is the latest billionaire to give up Britain for his own personal tax haven Necker, however, I am more upset by the likes of Phillip Green who resides overseas and jumps on his helicopter to travel into London weekly to manage his billion pound retail empire made great by us!  As a thank you to his millions of British customers he pays zero tax to a country that has lined his pockets for decades.   Believe me, as an entrepreneur I have no hang ups about wealth, money is the currency of freedom and influence,  but I do have a problem with greed, injustice and ignorance! 

If we spent as much time and effort collecting the billions of tax owed by the super rich as we do on nailing the poor and working classes for so called benefit fraud, tax evasion and inevitable debts this country may be able to invest in education, housing, crime prevention and healthcare and stop our rapid slide into third world status.

And finally, hardship and poverty upsets me wherever I see it in the world and whilst it is right to support poor nations where natural disasters strike, I can’t help but feel we need to get our own house in order before we feed and rescue the rest of the world.  When resources are finite choices have to be made and if we are choosing immunity for the rich, we have to sacrifice hand outs to the world’s poor in order to feed, cloth and educate our own children. However, I do accept I may also have simply bought into the propaganda regarding world aid too, so forgive me!


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