If we define feminism as ‘A doctrine or movement that advocates equal rights for women’

Surely it is the guys who aren’t feminists we need to concern ourselves with?

What of the man who fails to recognise the importance of feminism for the women in his life – his wife, his sister, his mother, his daughter? Personally, I am a little concerned as to why we would NOT want men to be feminists!

I am shocked and deeply disappointed by women who shun men when they even suggest they could be feminists, as though the word stands for some sort of elite club that you need a vagina to join. How is this helping our cause? What does this attitude teach our young people?

Equality of opportunity benefits us all in so many ways.

I am always frustrated by conversations with corporate women who work at a professional, strategic level in big companies in HR, Talent Management or Social Responsibility when I ask them to support the work of Girls Out Loud and I get the response ‘Well Jane we would love to support your work but we have to be wary of alienating the men and as your work only targets young girls we may struggle getting in on the table.’ Argh really? So do men not have daughters then ? Are we assuming men will not be interested in what happens to the next generation of girls? Are we making the decision for them? Does that argument work the other way? Do women refuse to support programmes that support young boys who may need support or an intervention to ensure they take the right path? The next generation will follow our lead on how we position equality and to be honest I am not convinced we are doing them proud at the moment.

I am married to a feminist – does this make him weak? Does his concern for my recognition and respect make him less of a man? The fact that he cares about the world his daughters and grand daughter inhabit, is this a bad thing? Should we vilify him for it?

Let me say it loud and clear men can most certainly be feminists, in the same way women can most definitely be female chauvinist pigs!

And relax!


  1. spookymrsgreen

    Men should absolutely embrace feminism if they believe in equality, Jane! There are many occasions recently where I have found myself asking my husband if he wants his daughters to grow up with this or that attitude about their place in the world. And he always replies, “Of course not.” He is keen to educate them, but sometimes I think it is more about personal beliefs and daily activities where women are being held back. We are fully aware that women are just as intelligent and capable as men. But how many of those women are being supported and enabled to put those skills to their best use? And who do we need to help support those women? Husbands, partners, fathers, brothers, uncles and friends.

  2. creditaction

    It’s time to change. Are you open minded, willing to learn and listen? An ism is a philosophy, a worldview, through it is filtered all thought. Buddhism, atheism, Marxism etc thinking, ideas, communication is constrained by isms. Feminism suffers the same. ‘Fem’ philosophy must be abandoned, it’s contrary to rational thought. Burning bras has resulted in confusion with women trying to act like men. We need matriarchs, determined, thoughtful, dignified and able to work alongside patriarchs. The narrative above is condescending. Comparing best, better, makes no sense. Men and women are different in order to compliment one another, to work in harmony, it should be the most natural thing. Sadly feminism, and its alter-ego chauvinism, has turned it into a competition. We need to get beyond this 19/20th century thinking and relearn the purpose, and meaning of our lives. Men and women with equal value, dignity and purpose. Now, what questions do you have?

    1. janekenyon

      I do not disagree with anything you have said here, I absolutely agree in the concept of harmony and the bonding of female and male energy so no questions and thanks for sharing!


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