Childhood Memories Too Good To Give Up!

Childhood Memories Too Good To Give Up!

curly wurly

I glanced over an article in one of the tabloids this week talking about how as adults we still remember and crave some of the treats of our childhood, things we should have grown out of long ago.  Well, who says? I, for one refuse to give up certain things that remind me of happy, carefree days when I had nothing more to think about or plan than fun!

So my challenge to you all this week is to come up with the top ten kiddie treats you refuse to give up and when you allow yourself to indulge them, take you right back to your carefree childhood.  Here are mine…

  • Tooty Frooties and Curly Wurlys – love em and quite often they are my movie treat of choice.
  • Picnics – in the garden, in the park or on the lounge carpet – love the preparation, the choices and the endless opportunity to pick!
  • Staging my own TV show in the kitchen as I create – this is all about role playing and this was a huge part of my childhood. I was a librarian, Post Office manager, teacher, nurse, actress, dance choreographer, Lollipop lady and international tennis player. Often all in one day!
  • Colouring in –  I could spend hours doing this and I am not ashamed to admit it is one of my best loved stress busters even now!
  • Collecting things from outside to create something artistic inside – shells at the beach, pebbles from the lakes, leaves and acorns from the garden.  I still do this and derive great pleasure from my creations.
  • Doodling with hearts and the name of my current love interest!  Obviously the only name that gets in the heart these days is Tony, my awesome husband but I could be persuaded to include a certain Russell character or Cruise!
  • Being the first up and out to make footprints in newly fallen snow – never giving this one up.  The crunch is so satisfying.
  • Making lollies out of my favourite cordial.  As a kid this was always Vimto and I was always shouted at for using too much cordial and not enough water. Ha! no-one to shout now so bring it on!
  • Picking wild flowers and presenting them to my Mum and seeing the pleasure they gave her sat on her kitchen windowsill.  To this day I love fresh flowers in my kitchen and always try to have a vase of wild blooms from the garden on my windowsill.
  • Party tea – this was such a treat in our house when we could have what we wanted, particularly, items that demanded no cooking, on a big plate and eat in front of the TV – this still forms the basis of my Saturday TV dinners!

I look forward to hearing about some of yours……………….


  1. jo

    finding joy by looking to the sky when I was small in a filed of high grass

    1. wholesumdiane

      I have rediscovered my love of splashing in puddles, kicking autumn leaves when they make that crunchy sound. I love being the first one to leave my foot marks in the snow (ticks the kids off no end)! Baking with my nan. I try and bake with the kids, we love it, especially the chocolate receipies!

  2. Nicky Nelson

    Watching the birds! A love that I have brought into adulthood with me, but now I try to photograph them too!

  3. Liz Harris

    Books, books and books… Spent hours reading, a joy learned as a kid, that I couldn’t live without, even now.

    Recently had a worrying plan to take out my 12 year old nephew for the afternoon, not sure we’d have anything in common to talk about for several hours. Ended up in W H Smiths discussing each other’s favourite books, and were nearly late home! So it’s still books, for me…


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