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Angry bird in the house today!
This week has seen me ranting nearly every day about something, in fact, I am fast turning into a grumpy, old (well less of the old, I feel) woman.
Here are a few things that raised my blood pressure, my voice and my English rose complexion!

1. I hate football – the country’s fixation with it, the endemic sexism running straight through it, the overpaid, drama queens that play it and the violence it seems to incite on and off the pitch. Now we are saying it is OK for players to bite each other whilst the world watches? How has Suarez managed to get off with a simple ban? This is not the first time he has done this, it was unprovoked and in my opinion, he should be criminally charged and banned for life. If he had a real job what organisation would not have sacked him on the spot for gross misconduct the first time he did this?

2. Wimbledon – my passion, my game, my idea of sporting excellence but what are the BBC thinking of retaining John Inverdale in the key presenter position after he brought the whole team down last year with his sexist and quite frankly offensive comments about the ladies champion Marion Bartoli. On top of this he is unprofessional, unprepared and clearly has no interest in the game. Get Sue Barker back in that chair now!

3. And staying with the BBC – Question Time, oh yes I know I am not alone in my vexation here. I love the premise of this show but David Dimbleby, seriously, another sexist, old school, calm down dear type who needs to go. He treats the permanently, outnumbered female guests with condescension, interrupting them all the time, giving them very little air time, compared to how he fawns over the men – quite embarrassing. I am starting a campaign on twitter to replace him with new blood of the feminine kind. My top choice would be Lauren Laverne.

4. ‘Skinny chic, growth in the triple zero’ – the headline in several on and offline women’s publications this week. I was pretty speechless when I read this and saw the photos of anorexic like Hollywood stars parading in bikinis with hip bones jutting out on stick thin legs. My ‘mouth wide open in silence’ look lasted seconds before I screamed.

5. And finally, Grazia magazine, supposedly ‘not a celeb driven, trashy mag’ supposedly a more serous weekly discussing the issues that matter to the young, modern woman – really…… Well done Grazia for reducing Amal Alamuddin to a clothes horse! Here is a woman who is at the top of her game, an Oxford graduate, humanitarian lawyer and advisor to the UN. She represented Julian Assange, was advisor to UN Special Envoy Koffi Anan and is fluent in 3 languages, including French and Arabic. But since her engagement to George Clooney lets dedicate a double page spread to her fashion style – mono cool, the new suit, pink lady and trench chic – God help me now!

Breath Jane breath. So why am I getting angry about this stuff I wonder and is there a theme to my rants and hyperventilating. Well, yes I think there is – it’s about what we are passing on, the messages we are projecting, the lessons, the teachings. Adults in power have a responsibility to be role models to the next generation. What we do now, matters. If you need proof of this, my niece is a Nursery Nurse and up to the age of 3 little boys and girls have a tendency to bite. With constant reprimands and corrections they grow out of this. She now runs the Pre school room for 54 three and four year olds and this week has seen more boys and girls biting than ever before, children that, it was thought, had grown out of this habit. Go figure!


  1. Beautiful writing and thinking – as ever from Jane! Can’t disagree with a single word actually!

    1. janekenyon

      thanks Fergus sweetie – honoured you read my blog!

      1. Honoured to be allowed to read your blog sweets! xxx

  2. thetomhayes

    Jane, you go girl !!! or Lady!! no intention to offend…love your spirit!! can’t wait to interview on our radio show especially this news about kids biting…and all the rest,


  3. janekenyon

    hey Tom, good to hear from ya. – ‘Girl’ is fine and looking forward to chatting on air in October – yah!


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