Once again we find ourselves on the precipice of a frame breaking political election. What we do on the 8 June will define our path out of the European Union, our taxation laws and our on going response to austerity.

So forgive me as I express my frustration and sadness to see so many posts on my Facebook and Twitter feed from people saying they are not going to vote because they do not like any of the options and it is too hard. I have even seen some people suggesting the only option is to pick up a ballot paper on 8 June and spoil it intentionally, then at least you have made a point?? I have to question what point, other than the fact you are incompetent and can’t follow simple instructions!

Seriously people? Do I have to remind you of what our ancestors went through to secure us the right to vote in the first place? The number of women (and men) who lost their lives or dedicated the majority of it to ensuring we had a place in a democratic society. Have you not seen the queues going on for miles in other countries on voting day as excited people wait for hours for the privilege of taking part in democracy?

Ok so it’s hard; OK so the issues are huge and the propaganda machine is already at full tilt; OK so you might not be in love with any of the candidates; OK so you might not subscribe to every suggestion – tough, this is the current situation and failing to engage because it is hard is NOT acceptable. Is this a message we want to pass onto the next generation. If something feels too hard, don’t bother, just quit, disengage and don’t participate?

The only power we have is in participation. In fact, participation is the most powerful tool we have for change.

Is it any wonder the 18-20 age group of voters in the UK are the most politically disengaged at any time in British history – go figure?

I too, am finding the decision a complex one but I recall the wise words of a friend who said ‘in these circumstances Jane all that counts is your core values, forget the personalities, the infighting and the propaganda and make a decision based on party principals.’ And for the record dare I suggest, if you don’t know what these are do some research.

Democracy does not work if the people don’t vote, maybe that is what the politicians want from us? Complete apathy plays into the wrong hands. Don’t make it easy for them.


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