Free condoms is NOT the answer….

Free condoms is NOT the answer….

This week my jaw dropped whilst in conversation with a public sector organisation I have been working with in Girls Out Loud when it was revealed to me that vulnerable, teenage girls in care are falling pregnant more and more and when they do, if their child is then taken into care it costs society over one million to care for this child up to the age of 18 – OMG!!  one million quid??  Not often I am speechless but I was.  The really frustrating part of this is that even though we have the resources to prevent some of this no one has any money to invest in these girls.  For example it only costs Girls Out Loud £2000 to work with a troubled girl via our 12 week intervention programme, Stardom and our success rate in terms of boosting self belief, self respect and aspirations is unquestionable.  When will we learn that prevention is the key.  Girls in care need more than free condoms and chlamydia tests to turn them off getting pregnant! This is about low self esteem, identity issues and depressed aspirations – all curable in my book.

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    Hi Jane Congrats on the blog I started mine in May but need some motivation to form a habit – I look forward to reading and commenting on your writings Jane


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