Get going and get better has become a mantra for me and many of my business clients. Our world is too unpredictable to ever have all the answers and how boring would it be if it did?
Being an entrepreneur these days demands vision, tenacity, self belief and most of all courage. As Seth Godin states in his latest book The Icarus Deception, entrepreneurs today are modern day artists, with no rule book, no tried and tested system, very little structure, a plethora of new technologies and very few mass markets. Creation is now about connection, leading a tribe, failing often and having absolute faith in your art. The internet has made it possible to create a new kind of business and the rule book is out of the window.
He describes the old world of work as…
Bale that cotton; mow that hay; load that barge; fill in this form; obey these instructions, take this test.

And believes the new world of work looks like this…

Start something; figure it out; connect; make the call; ask; learn; repeat; risk it; open; what’s next?

I so get this and feel excited to be artist at this time in history. This shift is so liberating and opens up so many possibilities for so many, however….

In my role as a business coach I have so many conversations with women who are on the cusp of launching or growing a business but the final step, the leap, the jump is eluding them. They talk about needing more time to perfect their web site, or just needing to attend a few more courses to top up their already bulging knowledge bank or they create very complex stories to validate their belief that the timing is not right, or they need to do more research etc. This is all simple procrastination based on fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of risk, fear of debt, fear of success, fear of not getting it right first time.
There is no guarantee of getting it right, but unless you jump in how will you ever know? Markets and customers are changing all the time. If at first you get no response to your offer or your art, you just make more, better art. Every successful business I have ever been involved in only survived and prospered because it constantly improved and re energised the way it did business. The mission and vision remained the same, but the way of attracting business and delivering did not.

You don’t make art after you become an artist. You become an artist by ceaselessly making art.

Being the boss of your own destiny today is about making a difference in some way and there are no rules for this. Nine times out of ten you are entering new territory, it may be useful to look at similar companies and people doing similar stuff but as no one will be doing what you propose, in the way you propose doing it. Research and extensive business planning tend to be out of date before they are written and only useful to the dinosaur bank manager and old fashioned investors who still operate on the ‘old system’ paradigm.
So be brave, be bold, believe in your idea, champion your art, build your tribe and just leap!
You will learn all you need to know on the journey.

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