Girls Out Loud


Girls Out Loud CIC is an award winning social enterprise founded in 2009 by Jane with the mission to raise the aspirations of teenage girls in the UK.

It is pretty tough being a teenage girl today – the mixed messages about how you are supposed to look, feel, behave and perform  are leading to a generation of girls hitting puberty with a full on identity crisis.

Girls Out Loud harnesses women from all walks of life to help change this landscape.  Allowing girls to interact with real women, postitive role models goes a long way to changing beleifs and raising aspirations and for vulnerable and troubled girls we facilitate intervention programmes and workshops run by professional coaches and advocates.

But don’t take my word for it here are some quotes from just a handful of girls we have worked with over the past few years…

‘The Big Sister mentoring programme changed my life.  I am now more confident and I listen to my heart rather than everyone else.’

‘The Stardom programme was amazing, learning about myself – my values, beliefs and skills has made me realise I have more potential than I thought.’

‘I thought my secrets made me a bad person.  Letting them go has changed my life.’

‘I now know I am not ugly, I am a shining star and I will go out and make my life rock.’

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