JK pic in Barcelona for blog

Here I am sitting in Restaurante Botafumeiro on Carrer Gran de Gracia in Barcelona, one of the cities finest fish restaurants. This was my treat having spent the previous 4 weeks in total isolation holed up in a beautiful but seriously remote mountain side cottage in the hills of Northern Spain writing my first personal development book!
It was a great place to write – no Wi-Fi, no neighbours, no English speaking locals, no restaurants, no tourists and no shops! Just stunning vistas, a beautiful rustic farmhouse, fig trees, almond trees, olive groves, goats, lizards, flying mice and my husband and yes I did say flying mice!!

As a people person this total emersion in the art of writing is the only way for me to deliver, as the slightest distraction to do something else is simply too tempting and I end up side stepping the writing for meetings, coffee and chat, social media interaction etc. etc. In fact, I have been doing this for years hence why the book has eluded me for so long!
But I am pleased to announce I nailed it! 80k words and counting – next the editing, proofing, formatting, design, illustrations, type-setting and printing and I am still cogitating over a title – I was hoping it would reveal itself to me along the way but so far I have over 10 options, nine too many!

So as someone who is passionate about learning – what did I learn through this process? Isolation is painful but necessary; it was an emotional roller coaster travelling from elation to despair sometimes 2/3 times a day! Memories are flawed, forgiveness is a gift and my voice is loud, clear and ready to rock and roll!
By far the toughest part of the journey was writing my personal journey. I was surprised by this as I have talked about my history so many times in my speaking career I was convinced it no longer held any emotion or fear for me, nor did it have anything further to teach me, but I spent the first week in pain as I re-lived my critical moments. Many people, particularly fellow writers assured me this would be a cathartic process but I have to say, for me, it was not!
However, I was surprised by the forgiveness I found in my heart for people who had wronged me and the love I felt for others that I failed to recognise previously. Being forced to write events down, helped me understand them better and I uncovered and accepted many gifts.

I also spent some time finishing a book I started 3 years ago ‘There Is A Reason Superwoman Is A Cartoon Character And It’s Time To let Her Go’. and this will be launched as an eBook in the next few months.

And to all my fellow writers I say WORDCOUNT, WORDCOUNT, WORDCOUNT the gift that keeps on giving!
Watch this space the Diva is back in town!


  1. Helen

    Looking forward to the end result!!

  2. thetomhayes

    Bravo, to you Jane!! aaaand so nice to get a post from you that is the ‘real you’ and not the ranting ‘feminist’ role that somehow has emerged…softness and tenderness and nurturing and healing are the feminine traits that show a woman’s true power…the bellicose tones, the war chants, the incendiary diatribes only cause separation and distance…too much of what exists in contemporary society and rhetoric…again, bravo…this ‘voice’ is irresistible and heart warming and, above all, REAL POWER!!! Somewhere in some tome, whether it was the Tao or some other profound spiritual book, I read, “Soft always overcomes hard.” You just did!

  3. janekenyon

    oh dear have I been shouting too loud recently Tom? Hard is not a word anyone would use to describe me atall – obviously needed a break! Thanks for comments j x

  4. Charlotte Lingard

    Jane .. Wonderful blog .. Well written and easy to read! I am really in admiration for all authors! To sit down with a blank piece of paper and start writing it is simply awe inspiring. Well done and Good Luck with all the next steps. I look forward to following your blog!


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