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I do get frustrated when people over use the word lucky to justify or validate someone else’s life choices and business success. It is easy and guilt free to disregard someone else’s hard work, risk, courage, tenacity, focus, resilience, passion, creativity and commitment as simply luck. Maybe it makes you feel better for your lack of gumption, but as someone who has spent thousands of pounds and many, many hours on my own personal development, I know for sure, any success I have attracted into my life has got very little to do with luck.

To this end I would like to reframe this word from a passive, intangible, ethereal, hands off concept that just appears to work like magic; to a more realistic, action orientated personal philosophy.
You see, I believe luck is a result of personal choices. We create it. It doesn’t just happen to us, it happens as a direct result of what we do. In my world….

L stands for LOCATION:
Location is about being in the right place at the right time. This can sometimes take months or years to get right but when it happens it feels like serendipity. Do not be fooled, knowing where the game is played is a strategy, demanding a clear niche, research , customer interaction and quite often market information only possible to glean through several failed attempts.

Identifying the right location is only the beginning, you kinda have to know what to do when you get there! The market very rarely issues instructions so you have to learn how the game works; how the market sings and who else is in it.

C stands for CONNECTIONS:
And so we arrive at the people crossroads. So now you know where the game is played and how it is played. Time to make sure you have the right people on your team and in your network to actually play! Have you got a dream team? Are you surrounded by positive dream makers or negative dream thieves? Is your network pro-active or asleep? Who is on your side?

K stands for KNOWLEDGE:
Bad news is you only gain knowledge by doing, but the good news is every time you take action you learn, even if you fail to manifest the perfect results you have still gained valuable knowledge about the game. In business, practice makes near perfect, sitting back and simply watching, waiting and hoping for the magic to happen creates complacency and mediocrity and is a sure fire way to quit rather than fail with lessons.

We have all heard the famous quote ‘The more I practice, the luckier I become.’

This interpretation of LUCK allows us to become more pro-active and responsible for our own destiny. It encourages momentum and encourages us to build emotional resilience, all necessary traits for success, in my book.
So ask me if I am lucky? Hell yes, are you?

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  1. oanai

    I think the circumstances matters a lot, but you also have to believe that you are lucky and things will start you be better. I also agree with you about the knowledge part, but like I said attitude about that is very important. A nevative person will never found himself lucky.


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