Influence By Numbers…

Influence By Numbers…


As a self confessed number phobic I seem to spend an awful lot of time counting numbers!

How many twitter followers, facebook friends, linkedin connections, RSS feeds, page impressions on 3 websites, blog visits, blog followers and so on….

I can see how easy it is to get absorbed by all of this number crunching and kid yourself that you are somehow making a difference from behind your computer screen but beware…

Creating witty repartee and ranting alone via a computer keyboard and screen is only the start. Real influence rarely happens without getting out of your seat and experiencing life.

This is brought home to me every time I get into my natural flow and inspire an audience or coach an individual through a personal or business challenge.

I enjoy social media in all its guises.  Its role in creating a global communication platform for my voice and millions of others, definitely gets my vote but beware of armchair philosophers!  Social media is simply one communication tool, there is no substitute for human touch and real rapport.

If I could not touch people, feel their presence and speak to them face to face, I would soon wilt.  No virtual communication platform will ever replace real life connections in my book.


  1. Wendy Maycraft

    Well said Jane, couldn’t agree more!

  2. Angela sutherland

    So true Jane – nothing will ever replace face to face communication 🙂


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