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Less than a hundred days to go to a General Election in the UK and to say I am flummoxed by all the hype, evasive behaviour, weak policies and lack of any real clarity on economic or social issues is an understatement.

How did we get to the position where so any people are considering voting on the basis of ‘David is better than Ed’ or ‘No way I can live in this country if Ed makes it as PM so its’ got to be David.’ Or ‘A vote to any other party, other than Labour or Conservative is a waste.’

These are all real comments I have heard over the past few weeks when I have engaged people in the political debate and although the current state of our democracy depresses me no end, I do have some sympathy with these comments as we are less than 100 days away from the big day and I am still no closer to a conclusion on what box to place my cross.

What I do know for sure is opting out is unthinkable, knowing the battle, hardships and pioneering my sisters went through to secure me the right to vote, the thought of not bothering is tantamount to heresy in my world, however who do I endorse, or more importantly what policies am I saying yes to?

This is where it gets tricky. I am a reasonably smart women (I think), I am a caring citizen and interested in my wider community but if I am still bemused as to who means what, who cares about what and what party has the best approach to sustaining our NHS or balancing the books, then surely I am not alone in my despair?

I watch televised debates, I read the material the main parties are putting out there (not much) but I am still unconvinced. All I see is game playing and point scoring and the NHS and immigration being used as a political footballs and I am weary trying to fathom it all out.

I am terrified UKIP are even getting a look in, I have lost faith in the Conservatives and have no confidence they even like people like me ie WOMEN! Yet I see no saviour in Labour or another coalition.

So here is my challenge – can anyone define in one clear paragraph what I will effect if I vote Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat. I have read the Green Party’s manifesto and I disagree with too much for it to be a contender.

I look forward to my aha moment arriving anytime soon!

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  1. spookymrsgreen

    I’m with you, Jane, the whole thing has me disillusioned and disappointed. I am very interested in the policies on education since my eldest daughter starts school in September, but the NHS is important to me as well, since I have close contact with family members ‘in the system’ at the moment. That said, my husband and I both agree that none of the parties are doing anything to win our favour, and he comes from a staunchly Labour family. What to do, what to do…


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