Well done to Rebecca Adlington yesterday for bagging a bronze medal in the 400m swimming final.  Her performance is a lesson to us all.  The margin between gold and bronze was less than 2 seconds and get this… in the Beijing Olympics 4 years ago, in the same event, Rebecca won gold and swam slower!

This confirms 2 things for me….

  • The need to invest in continuous improvement no matter what game you are playing.  Competitors get better, technological advancements are shifting the parameters of what is possible and the timeline just gets shorter and shorter.  If you want to stay ahead or atleast have a shot at winning you have to keep pace with this and subscribe to continuous improvement and investment.


  • The difference between good and outstanding, in terms of input is tiny, but in terms of output is HUGE.  It’s the difference between gold and bronze; medal or no medal.

 I am pretty sure Rebecca trained as hard and with as much passion, support and discipline as the gold medallist, Muffat, so what’s the differential?  For me, it’s mindset, self belief and resilience – these are the key inputs that take you from good to outstanding and in yesterday’s race Muffat simply had more.

This was brought home to me in the interview Rebecca did, poolside after the race.  She talked about how important the crowd support was and how hearing the cheers was key for team GB in getting them from 8th to 6th, or 4th to a medal, ‘it pushed you that bit harder’ she said.  Whilst I accept this may be so, Muffat won the race without this.  To be the best, you have to believe you are the best, before anyone else validates you.  Rebecca proved to me that belief in the British camp is not as high as it needs to be.  Winning is about mindset and resilience and it is PERSONAL.

Every entrepreneur knows this.  Personally, I have to believe in me 100% to create, develop and grow a business, would be nice to have fans cheering me on at the sidelines and a whole team of advisors telling me I can do it but I don’t see my bank manager doing this anytime soon do you?  The fans are a bonus NOT a requirement to success, you have to be able to step up and perform, crowd or no crowd.



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