blogBrowsing a national weekly women’s magazine I came across an article on dating that left made me feeling bemused by the dating industry and the dating habits of the twentysomethings. I am not a dinosaur, I know times have changed and most couples hook up online not at the library or local night spot, indeed I met my husband online so I am no stranger to the wonders of social media, however my heart is screaming in frustration at the latest trend in online dating apps where by choosing a niche your chance of finding love is supposed to get easier. Really?

Here’s a few to wet your appetite. Why not join Dead Meet – a site for people who work in the death industry like funeral directors or taxidermists? Or Mouse Mingle for adults obsessed with Disney? Or if you a gym bunny find other work out nuts at Sweatt or pick you partner based on your common music choices at

Whilst this may sound logical in reality is complete poppycock! Just because someone likes the same music as you or is nuts about Mickey Mouse is no guarantee of long term or even short term compatibility.

Tony and I had an absolutely hilarious debate about this in the car on the way home from shopping the other day. We do not like the same films, music or food. We have no shared hobbies, very few shared friends and some of our political views are miles apart. I refuse to believe that our love of the West Wing and our complete adoration for our recently acquired puppy Molly are the basis of an 18 year love affair! Now either we have made bad choices or something else is going on here right?

Our connection is deep, spiritual and immovable and definitely not influenced by how we choose to spend our leisure time or what we do for a living. I hate to be the deliverer of bad news but love cares not a jot for your life preferences. It is undefinable, without formula and refuses to be stereotyped so my advice to all the singles out there is to relax, open your heart and mind to all possibilities, do not go niche on anything and stop judging potential partners on their favourite colour!!!


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