Change is inevitable.  I am one of those people who sees age as simply a number but even I cannot deny that my emotions and responses to the world around me have started to shift throughout my forties. Some good, some not so good and some pretty AMAZING!  So here are my shares and I would love to hear yours……

  • As my regular blog readers will know I have become more passionate about fewer things.  My target is more focussed and I am more intolerant of the social, political and educational environment I often have to operate within.


  • I am more nostalgic – I keep craving stuff from years gone by like Calippos,  Farlies Rusks, Curly Wurlies, rope swings and Snoopy!  Don’t ask!


  • Talking of time – where does it go?  There may still be 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 12 months in a year but boy it has started to speed up big time!


  • I am finally more politically aware.  I say finally cos I reckon I spent my first 30 years in total ignorance or denial!  I have woken up and no going back now!


  • I make involuntary noises when I sit down and/or get up!


  • I cannot lie in bed till midday anymore, the minute light arrives I am awake.  This is great apart from the fact it also means I cannot stay awake past 11pm anymore either – street cred definitely done a runner!


  • I can no longer totter around in party heels!  Arthritic knees and a foot injury mean comfy shoes are in and stilettos are out. The Well Heeled Diva is Well Heeled no more!


  • Staying in and entertaining has become my new going out!  My food, my comfy sofa, my choice of beverage, selective company and no taxi queues – bliss!


  • For the first time ever my last car was a practical choice as opposed to design, colour and speed.  Sports cars still make my heart sing but my knees cry!


  • When I asked my hubby if I had become more angry with age he said ‘No, not particularly angry but you are definitely more gobby’ so this one is for him!


  • It’s gotta be good coffee or no coffee.


  • I have become a silent driver.  There was a time when I could not contemplate a car journey without loud music pumping through the speakers, now my journeys are tune free and a time to think.


  • I actually watch Question Time although not without ranting and pointing fingers!


  • I have become very aware of how much everything costs – sometimes I even bore myself with my comparisons and ‘how much’ gasps!


  • I can no longer tolerate junk or processed food.  It makes me ill.  I have become a home cook since hitting forty and I love it!



I could go on for pages but I have also become more disciplined, intuitive and wise in my forties so a good time to stop eh?




  1. Liz Harris

    Love this, Jane, and (almost) totally agree! And speaking of time passing, unbelievable that this year (OK – and half of next year!) is the last time either of us can use the title of that blog…!

  2. I hit 50 last year Jane and it is brilliant, so have a ball.

  3. Gaynor farrell

    You could be me! Except i still wear the heels- it kills me!

    1. janekenyon

      jealous of the heels!!! never thought I would yearn for blisters and sore feet!


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