Personal Development – Is it ever done?

Personal Development – Is it ever done?

We all know, on an intellectual level that we get what we focus on and that the law of attraction is alive and well but how many of us tune in and out of this mindset on a daily basis, or simply don’t believe it at an emotional level?
It sounds sane and logical that if you really, really want something and you bring all of your positive energy and focus to it alongside burning all the bridges behind you so there is no going back or no safety net. Then you take massive action daily and maintain a steely determination to ignore all the naysayers and dream thieves, surely life will be sweet and you will be a master of attraction and get the life you want and deserve? Oh if only……
It just never seems that clear does it? It is so easy to fall off this ‘personal development’ wagon, hence why the industry continues to grow as we buy more and more products, books, seminars, retreats, CD’s and coaching programmes hoping that someone, somewhere will reveal the secret of staying on the path permanently.
In reality, our emotional state is constantly reacting to our environment and sometimes this is a good thing! We need to stop beating ourselves up for slipping. Enlightenment is a life’s work and every slip reveals lessons we need to learn in order to progress along the path. The thing is, knowing this at an emotional level, not simply an intellectual one, is part of the challenge!
One foot in front of the other is all we can do but we must enjoy the journey. Many of us spend so much time focussed on what next or worse still what happened in the past that we sabotage the present.
As I always say to clients the past is only useful if you want to live there. Keep an eye on the future but know for certain that today, this hour, this moment will never come again.
Once you get this, controlling your emotional state will be easier as you will embrace living in the moment and subscribing to Tony Robbins mantra that we can all change our state instantly becomes more doable.

You can always change the way you feel. It is always your choice.

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  1. frederikaroberts

    Great post, Jane. It’s so true – we all spend far too much time beating ourselves up about past mistakes and it is really hard to keep putting one foot in front of the other sometimes, but so worth the effort when we persevere! And as soon as we change our state and make ourselves feel more positive, good things start happening 🙂


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