Girls as young as 5 are worrying about their weight. By the age of ten 80% of girls will be on a diet to change their body shape.

Now before you roll your eyes and ponder why, just take a moment to tune in to the women who dominate ALL media messages – from adverts to TV dramas to the Catwalk and Hollywood. The number of women over a size 6 is pretty rare. Considering the average dress size of women in most western countries is 16 this would be considered obese and relegated to the fat, funny or frumpy one on our screens.

The fashion industry, controlled predominantly by men, promote models who are malnourished or airbrushed saying the public would not buy their clothes if they used ‘normal sized’ women. So it’s our fault? TV & Film producers, also mainly male, use the same argument telling women if they want the part they need to be skinny and aim for perfection. They employ Personal Trainers and diet police on set to work with actresses in between takes if they think they are looking a little bloated or do not fit the one size fits all malnourished look. Several Hollywood A listers have started to speak out about this saying when they refuse to lose weight, they lose parts but it is unacceptable and not healthy. Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Amy Schumer and Gemma Arterton are talking about some of the appalling tactics male Producers and Directors use to keep women on the verge of eating disorders. In fact Amy Schumer was told before filming Trainwreck ‘If you weigh over 140llbs on screen it will hurt people’s eyes.’?? Oh how far we have come from the studio head at MGM telling a 14 year old Judy Garland that she looked like a fat little pig in pigtails!!

The disturbing trend in Hollywood at the moment is for Triple Zero dress size which demands a 23 inch waist!!

As for TV. It would appear the more successful the drama you are starring in becomes, the more invisible the female leads become, as they shed pounds right in front of our eyes. In the age of box sets it is clear to see this trend from one season to the next. I am currently watching House which first appeared on our screen in 2004. Both the lead female stars Jennifer Morrison and Lisa Edelstein turn into tiny, skinny Barbie dolls by the middle of Season Two and Lisa has already had cosmetic surgery as clearly so much weight loss left her with no boobs, another trend. I challenge you to observe this in many other dramas including Friends, The Good Wife, Scandal, Greys Anatomy, Modern Family and many more. The past decade has seen women get smaller and faker so much so this has now become the norm.

It is so depressing. Studio Heads and Fashion houses in their defence, say it is us, the buying public who are to blame as we do not want to see real women promote their products or be the heroines in their movies. I beg to differ, personally it makes me mad as a hatter to see unhealthy, starved women with fake boobs and a face full of botox.

I refer you to a previous blog  Time to Join the Dots Please – don’t buy into this hype ladies (and gentlemen) . Be the change you want to see in the world. Stand up and defend your right to your curves!


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