As a female champion, an advocate for female empowerment and a proud feminist I have found it so hard to blog about the state of feminine this year. After blogging about Tom Jones fat shaming on The Voice in January every time I try to form an opinion about topical issues or news items I get so angry at the scale of the debate and the denial/ignorance at play, I fail to construct a single, relevant, measured or valuable sentence or position on any of it.

I am overwhelmed and this has silenced me. However, I am aware this may be the very state the patriarchy are persuading me to occupy and I have never been very good at staying silent or accepting the status quo when the status quo stinks so I must find my voice.

Here are a few of the things making me scream at the moment…..

  • Trump’s first legislative action along with a group of misogynistic ‘hasbeens’ was to make abortion illegal across all States. Seriously??? How hard was this battle fought by women for women?
  • Sunderland becomes the first city in the UK to have absolutely no provision for women and children fleeing from abusive situations. Due to austerity and brutal cuts every women’s refuge centre has been closed. This situation is happening all over the UK and do we even care?
  • MP’s voting to reject compulsory sex education in our schools at a time when porn is sabotaging our children’s sexual curiosity, STD’s are on the up and relationship boundaries are screwed.
  • The sexist banter continues across all our media and we are expected to calm down and accept it. Latest headline ‘The battle of the legs’ when Nicola Sturgeon and our PM Theresa May met for pretty important strategic discussions about the future of our nation.
  • Slut shaming, fat shaming and now gender shaming as the LGBT community feel the time is right to step up the campaign to abolish gender and redefine all pronouns. Apparently this is going to be a great move for feminism??
  • Latest in a long line of trash reality TV – fast on the heels of Channels 4’s classic nude dating show, Naked Attraction comes a Dutch show where women stand on a podium whilst men guess whether they are fat or pregnant and if their boobs are fake or real. Speechless on this one.

Is it any wonder self-esteem is low amongst women and we are in the midst of a teen girl mental health crisis?

I know it is easy to turn a blind eye to all of this as denial feels easier to manage, but we are only storing up more s**t for the next generation if we do not find our courage and demand more.

The world needs feminine wisdom more than ever today – conflict, competition and corporate egos need an injection of collaboration, compassion and sisterhood!

In the words of Harriet Harman….

‘Expect, as you press for equality, constantly to have arguments. It doesn’t mean you are going about it in the wrong way. The status quo will always be defended by those whose interests it serves. Those who resist change have always characterized women who demand it as unreasonable, irrational, aggressive or divisive. If you are not having arguments, you are probably not making a difference.’

Stay awake ladies and here’s to being even more unreasonable in my old age!



  1. Women in the city

    Jane – I feel, Share, despair with your anger, frustration, shame. Started work early 70S and now sense were going backwards, possibly as far as the 50s.

    Like you, too angry yo know where to start.

  2. jessica

    the way we treat each other and look out for each other, has to get better, somehow!


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