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So finally the date has arrived – the book I spent 4 weeks writing in my rustic farmhouse in Northern Spain last September and another 30 years preparing for in terms of living the lessons! is now in print and I have to admit to a sense of trepidation mixed in with elation, relief and pride!

Writing in such an idyllic space with no interruptions from all the modern day noise, no internet connection, no mobile phones etc it seemed right to let my words flow and my truth bounce onto the page but now…….

A touch of fear has kicked in, and the butterflies have taken root. But why? I have spent the last 10 years talking about my personal story and life lessons, in fact, this has been the basis of both my current business brands and I have no concerns nor any secrets – I am more than happy to share my journey, warts and all so why am I nervous?

Expanding on the sound bites is liberating but also pretty scary! Seeing my story laid bare in black and white without having a chance to connect to an audience as I talk about it, somehow makes it all the more shocking!  Then my superwoman alter ego kicks in – What if people don’t like me? What if I have upset someone with my truth? What if my opinions alienate others? As I was penning my critical moments I gave myself a hard time deciding on what to put in and what to leave out and after a long chat with my wise muse, my husband, Tony I realised and accepted that this is MY story, My truth, it is MY version and based on MY beliefs. Anyone who does not like it or disagrees with it, can write their own book!

So having accepted my fate when it comes to the personal journey part of the book, which is only the first 80 pages! I am now also panicking about the audacious commentary on all things female – now , here I know for sure not everyone will agree with me and that is fine so long as we are not in denial about the state of play or the pioneering still to be done. Opinions are the bedrock of debate and I hope to start many from this book! I just hope I am not vilified for doing what Jane does ie ‘saying it as it is, loud and clear with no margin for misinterpretation’!

I am happy to be a catalyst for change if it means our teenage girls grow up in a more balanced, safe, supportive and aspirational world as this is the reason I wrote the book in the first place. My work inspiring and empowering the next generation via has opened my eyes to our failures and mixed messages. Until we ,as women, believe we are enough and embrace our authenticity we cannot expect our girls to give up life as a Barbie doll anytime soon. They may not be listening to what we say, but you better believe they are watching what we do!

So, I will dump superwoman and embrace my inner Diva, my usual default position – I will stand tall and wear my authenticity with pride. Diva Wisdom is me in full technicolor. I will own it, call it, walk it, work it and be it!

Join me in conversation with Sam Walker, BBC Radio journalist at the launch of Diva Wisdom – Find Your Voice, Rock Your World and Pass it On! At Waterstones, Deansgate, Manchester 6pm on Monday 23 March 2015. Tickets only £15 and include the book and a glass of something pink and bubbly on arrival book here

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