As Katie Price, aka Jordan enters the CBB House (Celebrity Big Brother) in full princess regalia I am left reflecting on the impact her young life has had on a generation. Jordan was the first Page Three girl, she was the first glamour model to make a million, one of the first women to openly discuss and parade her cosmetic surgery habit including several boob jobs. She is the queen of reality TV and hailed as an icon of modern Britain by the media. When I first launched Girls Out Loud 5 years ago she was the top role model of choice idolised by girls from 13 years up, today she has fallen off this pedestal only to be replaced by Kim Kardashian, Charlotte Crosby and a myriad of other reality TV stars.

Today Katie is trying to appear like every other working mother, doing what she has to do to survive, her life is still played out in the press with her permission and at age 36 after abusing her body for well over 2 decades her fake boobs recently exploded leaving her in severe pain with the prospect of multiple surgeries to correct, however, she still walked into the CBB House as she knows this is gold for her waning media career.

The majority of the behaviours, attitudes and values we see played out on the girls side of the classroom today, have their roots in the path Jordan set out on in the mid 90’s. Although I have to say in her defence, today Jordan appears pretty tame as the competition to shock and get air time has intensified so much, simply posing topless, embarking on a plan to resemble a living doll and sharing the ups and downs of your intimate relationships with the world’s media, today, is not enough to sustain a media career.

It saddens me to watch girls unravel trying to copy their idols, considering a career that involves nudity, on screen sexual intimacy, pitting themselves against other girls in a race for popularity, alienation if they refuse to conform to a Barbie doll beauty regime, starving themselves in more ways than one and accepting their role in life is to titillate and win favour with the opposite sex. This is the remit of every reality TV show if you are a girl and considering this is 2015 it stinks!

Jordan’s latest plea for attention is telling the world her husband cheated on her with not one but two of her best friends, one for 10 months whilst she was pregnant. Seriously? The saddest part of this story is the end, in that she is still with him and still friends with the two women who clearly abused her friendship in the worst way possible.

Again I have to tell you I see this story played out with young women under the age of 25 all the time, so much so they have a classification system for friends – good and bad. Good friends are the ones who haven’t slept with your boyfriend, yet the bad ones still remain friends??? This is a misnomer to me, my friendship rules are clearly from another era. A time where girlfriend’s love interests were off limits and loyalty came before a crush.

So the next time you wonder where your daughter is picking up her cues from with regard to her attitude to sex, friends, career, babies, boyfriends, appearance, clothes, language etc just step back and reflect on how our society portrays women and who gets more air time and why.

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  1. Virginia Valentine

    Re the Barbie Doll Post, I totally agree with you Jane, I think its disgusting how its seen as acceptable, to get divorced and a few weeks later get married again to someone you hardly know, churn out kids with them and then repeat the whole process a couple of years later. The message we are giving is that relationships, sex, marriage is just a give away thing like something you throw out with the rubbish! Whilst I do believe that we do not live in a society where we are forced to put up with an unhappy marriage or abuse, I do firmly believe that we should not move on so quickly and be jumping into bed with the next conquest on a whim, certainly not in public for the children to become involved so quickly either! As you say, I do think a lot of it is for the sake of publicity and unfortunately that’s what the next generation think is normal now! It makes me cringe with despair!


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