To Vote Or Not – Is This Even A Question?

To Vote Or Not – Is This Even A Question?

Less than a week away from placing a cross in a box and I am no nearer a decision. I have never wobbled so much over my verdict in all the years I have voted.

The more debates I listen to, the more disillusioned I become.

I can see no clear strategy, nor anyone to believe in and the party I feel most affinity with, The Greens, I am constantly told is a wasted vote, particularly in my constituency, lorded over by the great invisible one, George Osborne.

I am in despair and on chatting to others I am not alone.

My current dilemma is in no way helped by my latest reading material – The Establishment & How They Get Away With It by Owen Jones – an enlightening and rant inducing monologue of the deep levels of corruption and self interest in our political system today. It has opened my eyes to where the power is – big business and the state of our nation. It made me scream with anger and weep with the injustice of how this government has vilified the most vulnerable people in our society. It also made me feel pretty powerless about the outcome of the political process too, as both major parties are entrenched in the establishment.

Many friends tell me to look at the big picture and vote on my principals, but, I am struggling to align my values and principals to any party and as for the personalities…..

Cameron is like an authoritarian bank manager continually talking down to us, chastising us for spending too much money and berating us for our life choices. Whilst Miliband is like a programmed politician reeling from too much media training and slipping in and out of over rehearsed campaign messages. He reminds me of a newly qualified teacher, saying the right things, in the right place but with little gravitas or emotional intelligence.

So I have a few days left to make up my mind, but be sure I will never forgo my vote, regardless of how indecisive I feel. Too much was sacrificed to secure me the right to engage, so abstinence is not the answer.

Oh Emmeline what would you do???



  1. Catherine Green

    I feel the Same way, Jane! I feel more angry with the tories every time i hear a speech on the radio, or see them on tv. only today did i receive a leaflet through my door, attempting to persuade me to vote conservative. they really do not care about little old me! And like you say, why should they bother with our constituency, when mr osborne is in charge?

    i have received no information about local political gatherings, and so i have not physically seen or heard one politician. everything i know comes from the national media. i did receive a ‘personalised’ letter from our local labour candidate at the weekend, but i think that came only because i followed him on twitter…

    I also feel an affinity with the greens. perhaps we should just go for it, vote with our hearts, and if enough people have the sense to do the same, then we can make a real change for the better… what do you say?

    1. Jane Kenyon

      I am pretty sure I am going Green Catherine – I simply cannot support the 2 main parties as I do not believe them and have no trust.

  2. Claire Mooney

    Emmeline was a Conservative – you’d be better asking Sylvia!

    1. Jane Kenyon

      aha! good point Claire!


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