What People Say About Jane

Jane is a wonderfully gifted speaker and an inspiration to so many women. I have seen Jane speaking several times and one of the most impactful was when she spoke at the Blackpool STEP UP event for 500 teenagers. There were young girls in the room who totally got where Jane was coming from and realised after hearing her own dramatic story that anything in life is possible.

Michelle Clarke, Director Talent Dynamics

Inspirational. That is the word that sums Jane up for me; I have seen her on her feet in front of large crowds, facilitating small groups and have also experienced her in a one-to-one situation in her capacity as my Coach, and she has never failed to inspire me, to make me see beyond the obstacles and to really take a good look at my true potential. Jane is one of those people who make the world a better place by being in it.

Nina Lockwood, Intuitive Recruitment

Jane arrived at our annual Women in Northern Conference with her amazing and inspirational story, boy did she arrive! Fantastic engaging style, you couldn’t hear a pin drop when she was talking. The hit of the day with most ladies now thinking what can I learn from Jane’s story Powerful speaker who magically challenges your mind-set and makes you take a good look at yourself – without you even noticing! Just brilliant, thank you!

Caroline Wilson, Head of Talent, East Coast Trains

When we launched our new ladies business network it was a prestigious and large event. We wanted to have specific business exhibitors, great raffle prizes, fabulous surroundings and most importantly some inspirational female entrepreneurs to speak. Jane was number one on our list as we had met her previously, attended one of her workshops and heard her speak on many occasions. We needed a lady that could connect with our audience, someone our clients could relate to and be inspired by, Jane ticks all the boxes. When Jane speaks about her journey as an entrepreneur, woman, wife and daughter she is able to connect with the audience and they come away with ideas, enthusiasm, belief and confidence.

Coral Horn, Director PinkLink Ladies Network, Lancashire

Jane is amazing, she is an inspiring speaker and motivator and is great at finding things to motivate you and move forward. Over the last 4 years I have dealt with her on both a business and personal level, simply put she has helped change my focus, my direction and ultimately my life in all aspects. Always for the better!! I now work with her as a big sister at Girls Out Loud and think the work she does is amazing! All in all, Jane is one of life’s superstars.

Nichola Smalley – Director at Sphere Financial Services Ltd

Jane Kenyon quite simply jump started my life and allowed me to find my confidence, drive and ambition once again. She is an inspirational woman who has a magic touch with so many women who have had the good fortune to cross her path. She has a presence that is hard to verbalise and her ability to read people and situations so perfectly is a remarkable talent. She has turned around so many women’s lives by simply making them believe in themselves again. She also supports and champions women in business with her brilliant entrepreneur workshops and also is the driving force behind Girls Out Loud which is an amazing enterprise helping young girls in school to step up and make a better life for themselves…..something I am proud to be involved in as a Diva!

Louise Wood – Wife & Mum to my beautiful family. Photographer and creator of the ‘Weaning’ App

Jane is a super-talented and inspirational role model for women. She has a wonderful gift for helping people be what they want, get what they want or be happy as they are. It is rare to find people who are so passionate and authentic about their area of expertise – Jane is one such person. I suggest you find a way to work with Jane as she will help propel you forward in whatever it is you are looking to do.

Catherine Murphy – Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, Global Radio

I first met Jane when I was starting out in my first management role, she was an inspiration then and still remains so today, nearly 10 years down the line. I recently asked her to speak at a ladies event we hosted at our offices and her ability to entertain, fascinate, inspire and hold everyone’s attention, particularly when there was alcohol and shopping on offer, is remarkable. I have had some excellent feedback from the event and much of that was credited to Jane and her story.

Rebecca Durrant – Senior Tax Manager Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP, Private Clients

I met Jane in early 2010 – and what a lot of change has happened in my life since then! Jane has an incredible knack of getting to the core of what makes you tick – without using any psycho-babble. Thanks to Jane, I had the boost I needed to take my business to the next level and start playing hard-ball! I can thoroughly recommend Jane and I sincerely hope that she remains in my network of trusted advisors – I truly value her opinion and ideas.

Zoe Hanks – Sustainability Marketing & Communications

It may sound like a cliché but Jane changed my life. Before I met her I thought I knew what I was doing. I was wrong. Jane has not only helped me to focus on my business and where I need to be, but also made me think differently about life itself. She is an inspiration and my official muse!

Martine Alexander – Personal Stylist

Jane Kenyon you are brilliant! You made my day, my week, my month, in fact I could have listened to you all week, you are so inspiring! The way I felt about myself when I left your talk was priceless. I hope the sun shines on your forever. Thank you.

Lesley – Audience Member at Women’s Event, Blackburn