Sometimes we forget it is the small things, often the free things, most definitely the effortless things that bring us so much pleasure. I have been reflecting on this over the past week, a tough week where I have had to make some difficult choices and where my resilience has been tested once again!

Where do I seek pleasure and comfort when the going gets tough?? In the small stuff, so I thought it was worth sharing my top ten with you and maybe encourage you to think about yours….

Living in a state of gratitude keeps you positive regardless of the challenges and obstacles you face.

Here goes…..

  1. Hanging out the washing on a summers day. The satisfaction of pegging out pristine clean linen and breathing in the aroma of fabric softener as you feel the gentle breeze bring all your laundry back to life – argh! On the same theme this is followed closely by an empty ironing basket – a rare sight in our household!
  2. My daily double shot Macchiato and The Times crossword with my soul mate and hubby Tony. This is our quality time together no matter what else the day brings.
  3. Surveying a clean kitchen with everything in place and gleaming, a full fridge and a brimming fruit bowl and vegetable basket. Contemplating the culinary possibilities for the week ahead!
  4. Cracking the spine on a new writing journal poised for the next list, blog or memory.
  5. Climbing into a bed made with freshly laundered linen for the first time – the smell, the feel of the fabric, divine!
  6. Friday Nights in – doors locked, phones off, PJs on, takeaway ordered, film downloaded or boxset chosen and popcorn at the ready – bliss!
  7. Pottering around Waterstones choosing a new book on a weekday when it is quiet and I have a free hour to linger and contemplate.
  8. Fresh flowers in the house – from the garden or shop bought. They never fail to make me smile.
  9. Jo Malone’s Lime & Basil candle. Maybe a little more expensive than standard brands but so worth it. The smell is divine, immediate and long lasting.
  10. Colouring in – yes I confess I am one of those people who has rediscovered a love for colouring in but let’s call it art therapy eh? And I am not alone, colouring in for adults is the latest trend and so relaxing, honest!

Go on, I am challenging you to compile your list and share your number one with me!


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