You Want Me To Put What, Where??

You Want Me To Put What, Where??


‘My vagina is angry’ a classic opening line from one of Eve Ensler’s globally acclaimed Vagina Monologues and to be honest, after reading the latest product review section of a leading women’s magazine my vagina is angry too!

It never ceases to amaze me how far the beauty and wellness industry will go to make women feel inadequate and somehow not enough. The latest craze of very intimate products made my jaw drop, get this…


Muslin like teabags you insert up by your cervix for three days to ‘cleanse’ your intimate area.


Jade eggs that you insert in your private area that claim to strengthen your pelvic floor and tighten your vagina thus improving your sex life.


And this one really made me mad…… a mini speaker you insert inside yourself to play music to your unborn foetus. It is not enough that you are carrying extra weight, your ankles are swollen, your hormones are raging and you are emotionally exhausted, now you are expected to ram a speaker up your private area to play Adele, seriously??

All of these products received less that positive customer reviews but most importantly all the medical advice from gynaecologists states none of them are necessary, they may upset the natural ph of the vagina, may cause inflammation and infections and as for the speakers you can get the same effect by simply singing to your unborn baby or playing music in the traditional way!

Our delicate flowers do not need this level of invasion so who is peddling this crap and more worryingly who is buying it??

Breath Jane breath.


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