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If you follow my blogs or have seen me speak you will know I am passionate about women and girls finding their voice. It is the cornerstone of my work as a coach, motivator, teen advocate and game changer. I talk about this as a key outcome of authenticity as when you embrace your truth and live a real life your voice becomes stronger and stronger. Never has this been clearer to me than on my writing journey.

In July 2012 I started this blog and over a hundred posts and 2 years later I am now in the middle of editing 2 books for publication over the next 4 months. Although the reason I have had my writing head on recently is not as a direct result of blogging, I have to admit it has helped me hone my voice.
There is something quite profound about committing your opinions, philosophy and musings to paper (or a screen). There is nowhere to hide, you cannot suggest you have been misquoted or misunderstood, you have to own your words and this is both liberating and disquieting all at the same time!

Quite often I pontificate and ponder over a paragraph or even a word to ensure my voice is clear and although I may be sure of my opinion on a topic, I always consider all angles before I commit to my position. This may sound like insecurity or a cop out, far from it, this process consolidates my view and only makes by voice louder and more passionate and you can be sure when you have the courage to speak up, people listen and are more likely to engage and oppose your view! It’s called conversation!

When people know who you are, what you stand for and what juices you, they can make a decision about whether they want to be in your gang, join your tribe and/or be your friend. The secret to communication is not to be universally loved for agreeing with everyone and everything. It is about standing tall, being proud of your take on life, owning your opinions and letting your voice be heard.

If you have any doubts or questions about harnessing your voice, start a blog – believe me, the journey will reveal far more about you than your writing style and spelling prowess!

Your personal brand is the key to success in whatever you do, without it you are just wallpaper – time to step up?

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