As I reflect on my year and set some big, hairy audacious goals for 2015 I find myself pondering over how well we faired in 2014? Particularly the empowerment of women as this is my passion, sorry guys, although you benefit big time when women are in their flow, loved, valued and rocking their world and I know many of you get this!

As usual you may nod at my list or rant – your choice, but if you have any to add I would love to hear them and here’s to more interesting dialogue in 2015.


The emergence of a band of young, on trend, high profile women carrying the feminist banner and stepping up as amazing role models for our teens – Meghan Trainer, Jennifer Lawrence, Zooey Deschanel, recently appointed Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham.

And hallelujah for the campaigning women who refuse to stay small and continue to speak their mind and draw our attention to the work still to be done – Caitlin Moran, Laura Bates, Stella Creasy MP, Adele, Dame Judi Dench, Maxine Peake, Cameron Diaz, Pink, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Keira Knightley, Gloria De Piero MP, Lucy Holmes, Caroline Criado-Perez, Clare Balding, Sarah Brown, The Williams sisters and Oprah.

Frozen, finally a Disney movie with 2 strong, funny and self-sufficient female heroines not side lined by Princes or the eternal wait to be rescued!

Malala Yousafzai , the youngest person ever to win the Noble Peace Prize.

Angelina Jolie’s stepping up to front a campaign to end sexual violence in times of war and being made a Dame.

Theresa May publishing a proposal to define emotional, non-violent and coercive behaviour as a criminal offence carrying a prison sentence. Fingers crossed it becomes law soon.

Maryam Mirzakhani becoming the first women to win the maths world ‘Nobel Prize’ The Fields Medal proving that maths is not the sole domain of men – go girl!

BBC finally replacing Bruce Forsyth with the talented Claudia Winkleman on Strictly to showcase one of the few primetime shows ever to be co-hosted by two women and they rocked!

Grazia’s Mind The Pay Gap campaign to encourage big companies to be transparent on pay rates to stamp out gender bias. Well done for putting this issue front and centre and fingers crossed for legislation soon.

In the World War One centenary year the awesome documentary by the even more awesome Kate Adie on women’s role and changing position in society during and post WWW1 – it made so much sense to me and helped me piece together our emancipation.


276 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped as they slept by Islamic militants Boko Haram. A handful escaped but, despite a global campaign #bringbackourgirls the majority are still in captivity and dare I say forgotten?

The loss of Maya Angelou in June aged 86.

maya angelou quote

The continuing horror of the Yewtree Operation as more and more men in the public eye are found guilty of multiple rapes and sexual crimes against young women, girls and boys. This year saw Rolf Harris and Max Clifford convicted with a further five celebrities with cases pending.

Ched Evans, (the Sheffield United football player) the latest in a growing line of convicted rapists who simply walk back into their previous life and high paid jobs, after serving minimum sentences. They are treated as returning heroes, unharmed, and unashamed, whilst their victims are shamed and vilified as they attempt to get their life back on track.

The messages we keep sending to our girls that it is OK for your boyfriend or husband to hit you or mistreat you –Take note and please consider your actions Rhianna, Mel B, Cheryl Cole, Katie Price, Kelly Brook and the rest. It is NOT OK!



Kim Kardashian and all she represents to our teen girls and those derriere pictures – please!

Oscar Pistorius getting off with murder and getting sentenced to an embarrassing 18 months.

Slut shaming and rape culture – it just gets worst and we are in denial. See previous blog


Miley Cyrus twerking anywhere and everywhere.

Z list celebrities obsessed with taking semi nude selfies – argh! step away from the cameras please.

Nicki Minaj and her latest music video for Anaconda – can this women sink any lower or get any cruder? Probably!

But let’s end on a good note.

I would like to blow a kiss to some of the many men I consider to be feminists and with us on our journey. These guys are welcome around my dinner table any day of the week. George Clooney, Aaron Sorkin (writer and creator of The West Wing and The Newsroom), LL Cool J, Simon Pegg, Rob Lowe, Barack Obama, Chris Martin, will.i.am and John Legend. I salute you all for your faith, intelligence and logic.

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