Now believe me when I say I am all for a sexy stiletto shoe to help with the sexy swagger and confidence but the shoes we are expected to wear these days take the …….

I have just seen a young woman, in her early twenties in a beautiful tailored suit hobbling around the city in a pair of 8 inch spike heels which, at best, can only be described as porn shoes.  And no she did not look sexy in them she just looked off balance, hunched over and in pain!  As someone who fell off her 4 inch thick heels some years ago and sustained a knee injury (never recovered from) it makes me shudder to think of the damage us  women are doing to ourselves and in the name of what? Fashion? Power? Acceptability?

A pair of  5/6 inch, well structured heeled shoes look sexy and only if the wearer can walk well in them.  It must be my age but I see nothing sexy in stilts, block wedges that look like bricks or spike heels.  If they feel like they are crippling you, they generally are and this is NOT a good look, nor does it empower you, it just makes you look vulnerable and fake.  And I have not met a man yet who gets this neither, they think we are mental for buying shoes we cannot walk in!

Now, before the high heel fraternity lose it with me, let’s be clear on what I am saying….  I am not against high heels, I am The Well heeled Diva am I not?  I am rallying against an industry, led by men, on the whole, kitting us out in THE most ridiculous footwear, not practical on ANY level and us buying it!  In my opinion, it is the western equivalent of feet binding.

When will it stop?   Over 60% of women will suffer from arthritis in their hips, knees or ankles by the age of 40  – one of the key causes of this, according to the medical profession is our ridiculous footwear. It knocks out our natural alignment and puts too much pressure on our joints.  Nuff said…. You have been warned!

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