A Challenge From the One-Armed Diva!

A Challenge From the One-Armed Diva!

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Please forgive my silence. It has been over 3 weeks since my last blog. I hope you have not forgotten me and I am not too late to wish you all a rocking 2014? I have a pretty good reason for going AWOL – I had a nasty fall in Waitrose on 9 December and after several trips to A&E, Xrays, scans and a mountain of painkillers I had complicated surgery to repair a dislocated and broken shoulder 3 weeks ago. I am now on week 3 of a 12 week recovery process with lots of rest, physio and painkillers and a very patient husband fraying around the edges!

This accident has stopped me in my tracks. I have never broken a bone before and I am not the kind of woman who takes to doing nothing particularly well. For the past 8 weeks I have had to rely on my family to dress me, shower me, cook for me, run every errand for me, type my urgent emails for me, drive me everywhere and even cut up my food! Arrrgh! As movement returns and I can now do some little things for myself, I am reflective and as ever, seeking to learn from yet another critical moment in my life.

Over the past week some teeny tiny things have made me very happy – having my haircut; painting my nails, being able to go to the loo alone! learning to type with one hand, my left hand at that and being able to sleep on my side.
Anyone who has ever been in a similar situation knows the line about time healing but we take so much for granted every day do we not?
This forced down time has once again taught me how blessed I am in so many areas of my life

I have an amazing, loving, wise, adaptable and selfless husband.
I am surrounded by supportive, caring and fun birds.
My niece is an absolute star and such a natural nurse.
My passion – Girls Out Loud can continue without me as I have fab business partners and a business that is far bigger than me.
My body can heal from any damage and I am never broken for long.
Every challenge I face is an opportunity to top up my emotional resilience.

But as I write these blessings I am aware that none of them happen by magic. I have been on my personal development journey long enough to know that we get back what we put out to the universe. I am comfortable accepting that I have attracted all the good and not so good elements of my life at this point. I embrace this responsibility and know for certain I have the power to change all of it when and if I want.

But what about the big lessons? Why am I falling? I have fallen 3 times in the past 6 years and hurt myself pretty badly. I am wise enough to know these incidents are linked and somehow I am not listening…

Here is what I am now hearing LOUD AND CLEAR! – I need to slow down, accept my body is no longer as supple and indestructible as it was in my twenties. I need to learn to listen to my body and stop when I am tired, instead of doing the superwoman thing of pushing on and beyond what is sensible. I need to look after my bones, sleep more and exercise more.

As we push on through another year I have a challenge for you that does not demand a broken bone, complex surgery and 12 weeks recuperation. Why wait till a critical moment to reflect and be grateful for what you have created and attracted? Within the next 48 hours I challenge you to write down 5 simple activities that make you feel happy and 5 areas of your life where you have attracted abundance with regard to people, passions, health, play etc. I would love you to share these with me. Go on…….

I hope 2014 is your best year yet, many thanks for all your virtual healing hugs and I look forward to more conversations soon.

Remember, it is far better to mend the roof when the sun is shining!


  1. Diane Atkinson

    Okay, here goes..
    Dancing, singing, exercising, cooking and discussing art (books/films etc) make me feel happy.
    Exercising I have attracted a lovely abundance of friends.
    Via my daughter, I have attracted wonderful young adults who are happy to spend time with me.
    Cooking healthy meals I have attracted a passion for fresh unprocessed food.
    Reading “book group” books and business books I have attracted knowledge of different things.
    In my marriage I have attracted patience and love in abundance.

    1. janekenyon

      This is fab Di and well done on your promptness – love it! and you have indeed attracted abundance!

  2. spookymrsgreen

    Love the post! Here are my 5 simple pleasures: walking on the beach, my local NCT coffee group, cuddling my children, charity shopping and reading.

    A visit to the beach usually happens when my husband is off work, so the 5 of us (dog included) can have quality time together. I joined my local NCT coffee group when I was pregnant with my first child. Now, 3 years on, we are a close circle of friends raising our children together. Cuddling my children needs no explanation, it is the best feeling in the world! Shopping in charity shops is one of my favourite pastimes, especially when I discover hidden treasures, and I know the money I spend goes to worthy causes. And finally, reading. I have always been a bookworm and now I’m a writer by profession, so there is the perfect example of the Law of Attraction in action!

  3. janekenyon

    beautiful Catherine and I am feeling that law of attraction!


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