The whole notion of authenticity fascinates me. Everyone seems to crave it, talk about it and own it, yet very few people truly live their life with it front and centre. It has become a bit of a buzz word, hijacked by the personal development industry and more recently the corporate leadership fraternity and normalised when it is anything but normal!
I personally, subscribe to authenticity in all things. It is my watch word, my number one value and above all else my end game. After a very tough 6 months in business this has never been more true for me than today.
I believe it is at the heart of enlightenment and personal growth. To be authentic is to be real, to be true, to be YOU. This is why I call it the end game because most of us spend a life time trying to find the courage to let go of our fake and ‘public’ masks, alongside hiding our real emotions so we will be liked and not upset anyone.
So why is it so hard to just be you..

• Being true to you means you sometimes have to upset others by saying no or disagreeing or opting to go your own way.
• Being true to you means accepting you are not perfect and owning your mistakes and failures along the way.
• Being true to you means admitting your weaknesses and flaws with pride.
• Being true to you means not hyperventilating about what other people think about you ALL the time.
• Being true to you means working on you, keeping your ego in check and being self-aware.
• Being true to you means letting go of the need to be perfect inside and out.
• Being true to you means sometimes embracing your vulnerability and being OK with that.

Yikes! No wonder this stuff takes a lifetime to manifest eh?
Being real is absolutely personal. The confidence to be you regardless of your environment is true empowerment and the Holy Grail for most of us. I know that many times I have adjusted my voice and my power to make other people feel more comfortable and then ended up feeling fake and stressed. I know for sure regardless of the situation or my state of mind every time I side step my authenticity I feel the burn!
Realigning your behavior to meet other people’s expectations is exhausting and not sustainable so step up and be you in all your glory, because in the words of Oscar Wilde ‘You can only be yourself, as everyone else is taken.’


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