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Is your goal for 2015 to accomplish the goals of 2014 which you should have done in 2013 because you made a promise to yourself in 2012 which you planned on keeping back in 2011!!

This is a familiar tale but goals are meaningless unless they align to your values and passion and you believe you are capable of achieving them.

Without doing the work on you, goals are futile and an exercise in mindless dreaming at best!

Jane is a pretty unique and intuitive coach.  Her approach is holistic and embraces her 20 years as an entrepreneur, corporate executive and personal development champion. She is smart, insightful and always seems to ask the right questions at the right time to create dissonance and lasting personal change.

Her coaching style is open, warm, real and she is committed to ensuring the women she works with recognise what they need to do to shine. She is passionate about potential and living with authenticity and her preferred coaching model is direct, face to face, challenging and life changing.

Her focus is on transformation so if you are ready to step up to the life you deserve and need a trusted guide, someone who has lived a real life and overcome adversity by the bucket load then maybe there is a reason you are reading this?

Jane’s coaching time is limited and her capacity restricted to a maximum of 8 clients a year so to request a call to see if you and the Diva are destined to start an amazing journey together complete the enquiry form today.

Six and 12 month packages only and Jane is more than happy to discuss payment terms.

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