I there ever was a time to step up and ask ladies it is NOW.
Ask for promotion
Ask for a payrise
Ask for that investment
Ask for a seat around the table
Ask for a mentor
Ask for more help running the home
Ask for childcare support
Ask for the sale………..
Too may times we expect everyone around us to be professional mind readers and simply know what we need or what we feel needs to happen next and so we wait patiently. We know we are capable of and need promotion; we know we do too much at home; we know we should be paid more; we know we are in the wrong job or the wrong business but we need to stop assuming everyone else has got our back and accept that our life plan is exactly that OURS and no one else is going to make it happen.

So my message is simple.
Stop waiting for permission to shine; stop sitting pretty with your fingers crossed hoping someone will recognise your brilliance; STOP PLAYING SMALL; stop expecting others to make room for you at the table; stop believing that doing a good job will secure an automatic promotion; stop with the delusion that men want a clean and tidy house!! Sorry that one may be just me! I believe men have domestic dyslexia but I may have been hoodwinked on that one!

The life you have today is only the result of what you did and believed yesterday and the day before and the day before that so you can change it in an instant you just have to change what you believe and take different action.

The world is shifting. The feminisation of leadership, business and politics is peeking around the corner and we need to get ready, we need to embrace our female power and know for certain we deserve equal opportunities and that we are more than capable of rocking it!

If we do not do this now, what are we teaching the next generation? Their choices will simply diminish and everything we have pioneered for over the past 150 years will be wasted.
Do I need to chain myself to some railings anytime soon? Please don’t make me!

Step up, take responsibility and ASK!


  1. karenliveslifewell

    Jane, thank you so much for this thoughtful post. It has come just at the right time for me. I am currently struggling to find my own voice. There is so much I want but am afraid to ask for, even though I know I’ve paid the dues. I’d like to re-blog this on my own page and do a full blog inspired by it. Is that okay?

    1. janekenyon

      Karen – be my guest and thank you!

  2. Jane Noble Knight

    Well said, Jane!


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