Lessons From Olympia Part 2 – Gold Belong To A Nation

Lessons From Olympia Part 2 – Gold Belong To A Nation

I have become addicted to the games in the past few days and I know I am not alone and OMG! our team, what has happened?  Only a few days ago I commented on the below par self belief in the camp but since then something has shifted, big time? Six golds in 2 days and a huge leap on the medal board to now sit in 4th place. Awesome!

My sport of choice is tennis, although I admit to watching and bawling at many disciplines over the past few days including rowing, gymnastics, equestrian, swimming, diving, cycling etc  but I have never seen Murray play with such conviction.  His determination and focus on winning is awesome and his self belief is palpable.  For the first time in his career, I believe that he believes he can win the big prize. He is quite literally playing out of his skin and it is tangible.

I have seen athletes unable to move after their event due to the level of energy expounded to win, I have witnessed emotional highs generally not seen in any sport and I am kind of wondering what is going on here?  There is some kind of magic happening and I reckon it is bigger than all of us –  It is called NATIONAL PRIDE  and any team that under estimates its power will never be number one in the world. It results in both performer and supporter in perfect harmony – both focussing on winning and both believing we can!  A first I would say.

As a nation we have a lot to be proud of here, I cannot tell you how many people have said how proud they are to be British at the moment, these games have lifted a nation.  Everything from the opening ceremony, the venues, the coverage and commentary, the athletes and even the weather has been awesome and we are all basking in the glory of getting it right, so very right on the world stage.

So I am pretty sure I will be glued to the box again today, tissues in hand, cheering until I am hoarse and beaming with pride at our efforts all round. Go team GB and can we do this every year please?


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    I agree – from Murray, right through to the tissues!

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  3. Karen Pheasant

    Great blog Jane – you summed up my feelings perfectly too! It’s awesome


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