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This week I delivered the keynote address to parents, teachers and girls at a highly respected, successful and notable independent girl’s school on speech day. The theatre was packed to the rafters and after handing out all the prizes I had 20 minutes to impart an empowering message to the girls ranging in age from 12 -18. As I had as much positive feedback from the parents as the girls after the event, I thought the core of my message was worth sharing so here goes….

In my experience as a coach, mentor, motivator, trainer and game changer I have come to the conclusion there are only 3 types of people in this world.

GOOD PEOPLE – good people get good qualifications; followed by a good degree then a good job. They live a good life well within their comfort zone, familiarity is good, as is not rocking the boat. These people account for around 75% of the population.

Next are MEDIOCRE PEOPLE – These individuals are pretty average, They wait to be told what to do, take no risks and simply go with the flow. They do not even aim for the comfort zone and just do what turns up but spend a lot of time whining about the life they have created. These people account for around 20% of the population.

So what about the remaining 5%? Well, in my opinion, they are OUTSTANDING. These people recognise that life begins at THE END of their comfort zone. They embrace risk and failure as part of life; they put their hand up first for opportunities and they shine. They live with passion, purpose, positivity and never give up their child-like curiosity. They are rewarded with wealth and influence and often leave a legacy.
Now, I know mediocre is a non starter for anyone in my circle of interest, so what about the difference between good and outstanding? Well you may be surprised to learn that the difference in terms of input is pretty minor, however the difference in output is huge.

•It is the difference between delivering the law or making it.
•It is the difference between holding a senior management position in a global business or having a seat around the board table in the same business.
•It is the difference between presenting a TV programme or owning the network.
•And the difference between supporting a worthwhile cause with a monthly direct debit or having the wealth and influence to create your own charity or Foundation.

Now, knowing this would you not be enticed to learn the difference in input?
Outstanding people (OP) share some character traits that have nothing to do with genes, the colour of your skin, where you were born or what your parents do/did for a living. At the heart this is about you, your mind set and what you are prepared to believe and do to achieve your dream.
Here are the top traits I see in outstanding people every time!

1. OP never stop investing in themselves long after their formal education is in the bag. They remain curious about life and possibility. They are big readers, love knowledge and take their personal development and growth seriously. To them life is one big, exciting learning journey.
2. OP take calculated risks all the time. In doing this they recognise failure is part of the plan and accept this as they know it is the only way to build emotional resilience and learn the lessons. They do not see failure as personal or a weakness, it is simply one of life’s critical moments that allows you to recognise who you are, what you are capable of, who your true friends are and if you are doing the right thing. OP know failure often occurs before any success.
3. OP show up every day and do the work. They are present in the game and know going the extra mile counts. In my twenties I climbed the corporate ladder from Marketing Assistant to Strategic Director. In 10 years I never went for one job interview because I was head hunted for every new position. This is because I showed up and gained a reputation for delivering. If you step up and do the job to the best of your ability whether it is a Barista at Costa or a Barrister at Crown Court I promise you the next door will open.
4. OP surround themselves with other OP. They know that their peer group will define who they become and they take no chances.
5. OP believe in themselves 100% and do not compromise their values or authenticity easily. They own their voice, do not ask for permission to shine and hold fast to their credibility and professional reputation.
6. OP are lucky. Not in a Harry Potter magical kind of way. They create their own luck by getting in the game everyday and understanding its complexities and nuances. They are in the right place at the right time due to practice and hard work and never under estimate the importance of connections.
7. OP attract wealth, not just financial but abundance in all things. They subscribe to the doctrine that true wealth is what’s left when the money has gone and know that it is their mind set, health, peer group, self belief, resilience, tenacity and curiosity that will ensure they bounce back from any loss and create wealth over and over again.
8. OP don’t just create a legacy, they live it. They are motivated to make a difference, change the world, leave a footprint and they become the role models for the next generation.

So knowing all of this is doable and just a matter of choice, why would anyone settle for good?

You deserve to be outstanding.
The world needs you to be outstanding.
The next generation is looking to you, to show them how to be outstanding.

So be bold, be brave and be a woman (or man) of gumption and step up and shine today.


  1. Natalie

    Wow this is a fantastic message. I am inspired to do more & be more dedicated to self improvements.
    Thank you.

    1. janekenyon

      thank you and welcome to my blog!


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