Last night was yet another awesome, multi- faceted, perfectly choreographed and produced show – hey, we Brits, we know how to throw a party don’t we!

Today I feel like I am coming down from a serious adrenaline high – I have cried, cheered, smiled until my face hurt and loved every minute of the whole shebang!  65 medals, better than ever before, athletes and supporters in perfect harmony and a buzz and national pride over and above anything I have experienced in my lifetime – even the Royal Weddings don’t come close!

So, just how did we do it?  How did we outperform every other Olympic outing?

Well, we most definitely had a plan. We invested serious money in facilities, coaching and other support services and for the first time ever we made a definite decision to focus our efforts and money on the sports we perform best in.  I laughed out loud at a comment one of my Facebook friends posted last week ‘Us Brits seem to do well and win medals in sports that involve standing still or sitting down, so we are pretty good on our arse.’   Said tongue in cheek but pretty accurate if you study where the bulk of our medals came from rowing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, equestrian and shooting.  This is not luck this is about FOCUS.  We decided to focus on our strengths, so instead of spreading our funds across 110 sports we focussed on 30.  The 30 where we had the best chance of gold.  Not a bad lesson to take on board is it?

The second part of our plan was to get these potential gold medallists the best help on the market – the best coaches, physios, nutritionists and advocates.  Again it worked, so not a bad lesson for all is it?  Getting some external help to motivate you, hold you accountable and help you short cut the lessons to success.

Part three of the plan was down to the individuals to put into action after  4+ years of dedication. Some excelled,  some learnt valuable lessons in order to excel next time and some struggled.  I remember being so upset watching local girl Holly Bleasdale from Preston compete in the high jump.  She looked broken, lost and her body language was screaming ‘I can’t do this.’  I just wanted to run onto the track, give her a big hug, look her in the eye and say ‘Oh yes you can!’

And w all played our part in cheering them on didn’t we?  And no one can complain about the talent, creativity and sheer hard work in building the venues, organising the thousands of volunteers, staging the opening and closing ceremonies and the amazing TV coverage.

So what have I learnt?….

Have a plan! Focus on your strengths, do what you need to do to embed a winning mindset, if you need a coach to help you with this, get one! Set some goals, hang out with winners, take massive action everyday to make goals happen and always remember to celebrate your successes.  Normal day in the office for me then!

And my final note, I have heard on the grapevine that after last night’s closing  ceremony The Spice Girls are considering a reunion,  Please don’t.  Final lesson, know when to move on!!

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