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Spring has arrived and it usually makes me so happy but…

You know some days I find enlightenment and staying in a state of gratitude a challenge. Like today, I want to stand on top of a hill and scream at the injustice in the world and more specifically my world!

I need to let off some steam…..

  • Why is it so complicated for rich people and corporations to pay their tax?
  • Why does football attract thugs on and off the pitch?
  • Why does a convicted rapist do no jail time?
  • Why does this Gvt keep turning the screw on the poor, the working class and the vulnerable?
  • Why is our TV littered with toxic reality TV?
  • Why does Rihanna feel the need to degrade herself on stage by disregarding her vocal talent to put on a sex show?
  • Why are we allowing politicians to mess with our NHS and our kids’ education?
  • Why can nobody tell me the facts and implications of staying in or pulling out of Europe?

Shall I go on?

And closer to home, this week I have been let down by human nature again, I trusted and I got hurt; I believed and my faith was tested and I failed to put me first in a situation that has backfired leaving me vulnerable.

I am a people person and although I am forever grateful for so many amazing people in my life, I am also forever disappointed by the greed, egos and unethical behaviour of others I come into contact with, but and it is a BIG BUT, I refuse to change my behaviour to avoid disappointment. I am an emotional creature who feels pain and joy and embraces vulnerability as a key part of my authentic self. Regardless of the unpredictable outcomes, my trust in human kindness is immovable.

So I have ranted, I have stamped my feet, I have cried, I have sworn, I have talked it all through with my wise husband and I am now ready to let it go and carry on. I know that if I have faith in the journey the good days will outnumber the bad and holding onto such negative energy is exhausting and messes with my Diva mojo! And I need all of that to change the world!


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