As a creator and someone with a high dynamo energy I love spring. It makes me feel alive and re-energised after the long dark nights of winter and I start to see opportunities everywhere. I know I am not alone so this got me thinking….

In a world where you can do anything and be anyone what have you chosen? Are you jumping out of bed every morning excited at the day ahead, feeling privileged to live in your passion with passion or are you simply going through the motions of a live unlived?

Buddha says ‘Your job here is to discover your job, then dedicate your life to it.’

So what are you dedicating your life to?

We all know the life we have today is the result of what we did yesterday, and last week and last year but do we really subscribe to this or is it simply a great sounding philosophy?

Well I believe we are all responsible for the inputs therefore, to a degree we have to be responsible for the outputs too – does that make sense? The really empowering thing about this is, if we accept this responsibility we also have the power to change any of the inputs, anytime – yah! As a positive person I am more motivated by being in control of my own destiny than leaving it to chance or someone else, and I have never been one for following the crowd or simply going with the flow. I think this is also part of my teeny tiny control freak persona , there I said it! My name is Jane Kenyon and sometimes, when I am over tired and stressed I am a control freak!

But back to spring and new beginnings. Now is a great time to start something new, learn a new skill, change a bad habit, create a new product or service, accept a new challenge, foster a new behaviour etc .

If you think about the well accepted spring clean philosophy that we apply to our homes and gardens at this time of year, why not transfer this to your mindset – what needs dumping, pruning, de-cluttering, re-organising, replacing and retuning?

  • Do you need to reframe some events from your past that are making you sad/angry/lonely?
  • Is it time to dump some of those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from shining and living the life you deserve?
  • Do you need to start something new to release you from the rut you find yourself in?
  • Is it time to throw off your superwoman cape and the need to be perfect and uncover your real authentic self in all your glory ?
  • Are you fed up of putting everyone else first and now need to replace your identity of ‘people pleaser’ with something more empowering?
  • Is it time to take stock? To redefine your life model? To have more fun? To earn more money? To find your passion and purpose?

So many questions but what are the answers? As always these questions demand investment. People who want more, invest more in themselves and guess what? – then they get more! It’s that simple so make a Spring intention – to invest some time in you.

Read some inspiring books; learn something new; dump some stuff that no longer serves you, this may include people, get a new peer group, make some decisions about the next step, invest in some workshops and promise yourself that YOU WILL DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO STEP UP AND SHINE. Anything less is a life of mediocrity and you deserve more.

Life really does begin at the end of your comfort zone so be brave, harness your courage and go for it!

Any women interested in stepping up and going through this empowering process with me, may wish to consider registering on the Diva Stepping Up weekend workshop – according to the hundreds of women who have done this it is ‘Life changing, profound, magical, awesome, a revelation and more’….

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  1. thetomhayes


    As always you are spot on!!! May I recommend the greatest book on the subject of self realization and creativity I have ever read? OK, thanks, I will. Steven Pressfield (The Legend of Bagger Vance) wrote it- The War of Art! Spectacular!!! Answers so many questions I had about the Muse and how to reach it. How to connect to the Ultimate Power and how he did it.

    Keep on, keeping’ on,

    Tom Hayes

  2. janekenyon

    thanks Tom and love your recommendation – it’s all about dialogue so keep talking and sharing!


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