Virginity for Sale – One, Not so Careful Owner….

Virginity for Sale – One, Not so Careful Owner….


I was left speechless last week after reading about the Brazilian student who sold her virginity via an online auction for £482k to a Japanese business man.  My husband said ‘Jane you gotta blog about that’  but what is there to say?  What kind of society have we created that accepts this?  And what is left once you have sold your most precious gift like a handbag or a second hand car?

I have now had time to reflect and I am ready to comment and talk about porn, yes porn.  Believe me when I say, I was no angel in my teen years, however today the multi billion dollar porn industry is out of control, with too much power and way too much exposure, quite literally!  It is no longer the domain of the top shelf, slightly seedy, and the hidden occupation of old, sad men it is out in the open available for free to anyone and everyone including our children.  We have mainstreamed it and in my opinion, as a society, we are now paying the price.

Girls thinking it is trendy to look and behave like porn stars, boys seeing control, manipulation and exploitation as the way to woo a girl and looking bemused and confused in the process?  They are both learning how to behave and getting their sex education from porn scenarios and before you tell me that porn is empowering and allows girls to pay their way through University. 90% of ALL porn scenes contain acts of verbal and/or physical abuse towards women.  Raising our children on this stuff is like a ticking bomb!  Is it any surprise that the incidents of domestic violence in teenage relationships are on the up? Cosmetic surgery is seen as normal with many girls beleiving a boob job is inevitable, striving to look like a pouting, big haired Barbie, the increase in STDs, teen pregnancies normalised.  Where does it stop?  When do we take action?

What happened to self respect?  Girls are now as promiscuous as boys, often predatory, the notion of safe sex is simply that, A NOTION – do you see porn stars stopping mid flow to rip open a condom?

Not only have we mainstreamed porn we continue to glamourize it by accepting its by products without question – pole dancing as a form of exercise?  Pouting lips, waxing, 8 inch stilettos, Lap dancing clubs as an ideal location for hen parties etc?  We are courting trouble here and if we accept this how can we expect our children to see the harm or exploitation waiting around the corner?

Boys as young as 11 are addicted to internet porn before they possess the basic emotional intelligence to understand that it is NOT real life.  This leads to warped expectations of sex and relationships – not the stuff of boy meets girl or a loving partnership is it?

Porn is neither female friendly nor the way for our teenagers to learn about sex.  If we don’t start teaching them a new dance we can expect more of the same and don’t even get me started on Rainbow parties!  Google it, but you have been warned, not for the feint hearted.

Breath Jane, breath!



  1. Fergus McClelland

    As a boring old man, i have to agree with everything you are saying Jane. Porn is not reality. If either boys or girls expect a relationship with pouting lips and high heels they will be sadly disappointed. Women have “off” days – and sometimes weeks! Men have to learn to live with animals of a sorta different species – that is, you lot! BOTH sexes have to recognise our differences – as well as our samenesses – and yes, porn is pretty polarised in favour of the fantasies of the male film makers. For me, the problem with porn is that it is so predictable, slow, boring and gyneacalogical! (However you spell it). The artificiality is crude and obvious. The problem is, young boys end up believing it – and so do the girls!

    Many girls feel ashamed to be virgins at 15 and earnestly go out to get seen to – just so they can tell their friends “I have”.
    This is not violence against women, it is violence against people, male and female, by a subset of Hollywood.

  2. janekenyon

    Hey thanks for your views Fergus – and have to say men have off days too petal and less of the’ boring old man’! xx

  3. Keshav B

    Totally agree with you as a seed growing in this environment. Our perception and filter of reality has become so skewed that we chase shattered ideals, images that are totally not representative of real life. It is so damaging at the minute level that it goes unnoticed by so many young men and women. If you expect your partner to look and behave like a porn star in bed, what happens when you realise we’re all just very human? That we aren’t perfect and the sex we’re taught to chase so much is not how it is shown to us on a STAGED SCRIPTED PREPARED scene/movie/film?

    I read an excellent blog on this yesterday by David Mcqueen –

  4. Claire Park (@Claire_L_Park)

    Waxing is a product of the porn industry? Really? Oh, well, it seems that pretty innocent pre-holiday leg wax has had me in its tight grips for nigh on 20 years. Whatever will I tell my Mum ?

    1. janekenyon

      waxing certain parts of the body has def been a gift from porn industry Claire. I will leave it up to you to consider which part I am referring to but ouch!!


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