Jane is a powerhouse of courage, inspiration and authenticity!

Jane_Kenyon_Profile_400Jane is a powerhouse on the female empowerment stage. If the subject is female you want her on your team/platform and her credibility and validity in this market is unquestionable.

She is an awesome speaker, intuitive coach, author, blogger and media commentator, game changer, serial entrepreneur, social leader, teen girl advocate, ambassador for enterprise, visionary thinker and all round motivational DIVA! To say she rocks is an understatement.

For the past 15 years she has worked in the personal development arena, 10 of these focussed exclusively on empowering women and teenage girls and her passion for potential is contagious.

In 2007 she founded an organisation for women called The Well Heeled Divas dedicated to empowering and inspiring a million women to step up and shine. Over the past 8 years Jane has had the privilege to work with thousands of women through Diva workshops, coaching programmes and events and this is how her alter ego THE DIVA was born!

She has lived a real life littered with critical moments and adversity. The choices she has made in her darkest hours have magnified her self belief, resilience and sense of self and it is her ability to translate her story into positive life lessons for others, with warmth, honesty and relevance that separates her from the crowd. She epitomises ‘the been there, done that, got the T-shirt’ philosophy and is generous with her time, talents and wisdom.

In 2009 she founded her legacy organisation, a social enterprise called Girls Out Loud on a mission to raise the aspirations of teenage girls in the UK and is harnessing female role models from all walks of life to join her in changing the landscape for the next generation.

The world according to Jane



Jane hit the BIG 50 last year and rather than disappearing in a puff of smoke, she got her writing mojo on and produced 2 top reads!

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This is the ultimate Diva goal setting process, Jane has facilitated for thousands of women and teen girls. This programme helps you recognise the importance of having a big picture and encourages you to unleash your potential. It is liberating, easy to follow, fun and most importantly, IT WORKS!

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This is a practical guide to uncovering your emotional hot buttons and understanding at a conscious level what is driving you, so you can protect yourself against people and situations that may not align with your values, or at the very least recognise this and be better equipped to do something about it!

The programme includes a comprehensive workbook that is completed alongside listening to the audio.

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